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Don't hire me

If the following 3 points apply to you or your business, then it's likely we will not be a good fit for each other.


1. Budget


Be realistic about your finances. If your business is not in profit and you don't have the budget to invest in quality marketing materials, then don't hire me.

A good place to look for cheaper freelancers would be

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2. Control

Good clients have a vision of what they want, but that may not always be what they need. My job is to deliver services that best serve your business.

If you are not flexible on the direction or outcome and want to micro manage the project, then don't hire me.


3. Time

I stand by the work I deliver and in my experience there are no short cuts for producing quality work. I stick to my deadlines and always deliver on schedule.

However, if you needed your project completed last week and don't have the time to invest in quality work, then don't hire me.

I don't compromise on quality.